Adobe Connect Request Form

Adobe Connect Request Form

Adobe Connect is a powerful self-managed web conferencing platform that provides accessible solutions aimed at creating or enhancing an eLearning experience.

Completion of this form is required to provide you with the necessarily privileges on the Adobe Connect platform to create and host meetings and webinars. These account privileges are not required to attend a meeting. At this time only faculty and staff member are eligible for these enhanced privileges.

In order to complete this request form, you will be required to login to Adobe Connect using your Passport York account. This means that this form may not be filled out on someone else’s behalf.

Please note that Adobe Connect uses Passport York for authentication, and uses your email address (NOT a faculty or school based email like or All notifications, invitations and updates regarding Adobe Connect will all be sent to your email address.

  • Passport York Username

  • Note: This is your preferred email to answer any inquiries about your submission. It will not be associated to your Adobe Connect account.

  • Note: This is your preferred phone number to answer any inquiries about your submission. It will not be associated with your Adobe Connect account.

  • Service Agreement

    1. 1. By submitting this request, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the copyright information at and that all content loaded on your course website complies with York University policies and procedures.
    2. 2. This software is offered as a centrally supported service of the university. As such we offer no guarantee that this service will continue to be supported beyond the end of the current academic term. We also cannot warrant that any future iterations of the service will include the current set of features or functionality.
    3. 3. Use of this service is governed by the Senate Policy on Computing and Information Technology Facilities Guidelines and Procedures for Account Management.
    4. 4. Support is available from during business hours. We will endeavour to respond to inquiries within one business day.

  • You must agree to the service terms to request this service.